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M is for magic. All the letters are, if you put them together properly. You can make magic with them, and dreams, and, I hope, even a few surprises....

aus: "M is for magic" von Neil Gaiman

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Hold My Breath - Ginger Scott

Hold My Breath
von Ginger Scott

Intense and hopeful

The characters in the books by Ginger Scott very often have to deal deal with disabilities, illness or traumatic experiences. Maddy and Will in "Hold your breath" are no exception as they both still struggle with the loss of Will's brother Evan, Maddy's boyfriend, and Evan's and Will's parents four years ago.

Under Her Skin - Adriana Anders

Under Her Skin
von Adriana Anders

To get a life back...

This book is really intense. It wasn't easy to read as Uma's former relationship really was a nightmare but I loved to see how she started to heal, how she got stronger and fought to get her life back.

Waiting for an Earl Like You - Alexandra Hawkins

Waiting for an Earl Like You
von Alexandra Hawkins

A bit too complicated and a bit too obscure

I enjoyed reading this book even though Thorn, our hero and his attidude turned out to be indeed a (teeny tiny) thorn in my side. In the end, when I got the much-anticipated and much-needed HEA, I forgave him a lot but seriously, you can't always forgive everything just because people are in love and tend to do stupid things to get what they want, can you?


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