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“Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers.”

Charles William Eliot

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Overruled - Emma Chase

von Emma Chase

The Legal Briefs #1.

Overruled is book one in Emma Chase’s Legal Briefs series. I loved that it was written in dual POV, because Emma Chase writes the male perspective perfectly. Stanton’s POV was flawless. And I loved Sofia’s as well.

In Her Wake - K. A. Tucker

In Her Wake
von K. A. Tucker

Ten Tiny Breaths #0.5

In Her Wake is a novella from the Ten Tiny Breaths series. Even though it's a prequel about Trent, this is a novella that focuses on the Trent before the events of Ten Tiny Breaths so even though this book chronologically comes first, I highly recommend reading Ten Tiny Breaths before this one.

Beautiful Bitch - Christina Lauren

Beautiful Bitch
von Christina Lauren

Beautiful Bastard #1.5

The novella follows Chloe and Bennett's story after they reconciled in Beautiful Bastard. In this novella we get to see the couple finally picking up the pieces and working on their relationship whilst giving their effort to the company they're working.

This little novella had me from page one. I enjoyed every single minute reading it. Never did I once skim through it.


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