Couldn't stop...

By Her Touch - Adriana Anders

By Her Touch
von Adriana Anders

Wow, I just wanted to sneak a peek...and couldn't stop reading till the end. Loved it!
I already loved "Under her skin", the first book in this series where we meet Dr. Georgette Hadley and her friends and neighbours for the first time but "By Her Touch" was at least as good as that one, maybe even a bit more intense.
Usually I'm a bit wary when it comes to books that are marked as dark tales but this book deals with dark emotions and dark happenings while giving hope and showing how people get to heal.
The reader catches glimpses of the terrifying events that lead to Clay's flight to this small town where George and her friends live. Due to book n°1 we already know that this town, no matter how small it is, has already seen a number of things happen and we know that there are some very compassionate, very helpful and loyal people living here. Clay -and George - will need them.

Clay had been a part of the Sultans, a very brutal biker gang, for a very long time when the police finally make their move. Torn between the loyalty to his job as an undercover cop and to his "brothers" in the gang, he carries the reminders of his time around. Those scars that are visible, are not necessarily the worst....and those are already, well, let's just say, that it won't be easy for him to win a beauty contest right now.
And when he learns that he can't trust anyone at his office any longer....right. Sometimes it's a pretty good thing that there are some amazing people around in this small town who have your back, even if they don't know much about you.

I loved the story and I loved the chemistry between our hero and our heroine - and I loved this wonderful, small town with its meddling and loyal citizens. And, well, I'm very much looking forward to the next book in the series, "In His Hands", that will be out at the beginning of August!