Enjoyable read

The Danger of Desire (The Dartmouth Brides, #3) - Elizabeth Essex

The Danger of Desire (The Dartmouth Brides, #3)
von Elizabeth Essex

I really enjoyed reading this book! I loved the hero and the heroine, both are very unique personalities, convincing, complex and good at what they do - and proud of it. When they work together to find a traitor among the Lords Commissioners on the Board of Admiralty, both have to find a way to trust the other and, well, to keep their hands of each other. Alright, they are more successful when it comes to this trust thing than at the other part but it's not easy to resist when there are so many sparks flying around and all that, right? 

When  Hugh McAlden  hired the "street rats" Meggs Evans and her brother Tanner in order top help him find a spy, he didn't know that those two would change his life forever. Somehow this young woman and her brother get under his skin and what should have been strictly professional, well, it becomes so much more.  
But can Meggs become a part of Hugh's world or...might there be something more about her and her brother? 

As the story was also interesting, fast-paced and on the whole gripping and captivating, this is definitely a book that I will read again and I'll probably look for other books by Elizabeth Essex.