Kept me glued to my reader

A Perfect Gentleman - Candace Camp

A Perfect Gentleman
von Candace Camp

Ohhhh, I really loved this book! And I hated Greame and was really really upset with him for the way he treated Abigail. I was crushed when he told "us" how he felt, had he been standing in front of me at that moment, I might have kicked him, somewhere, and I would have enjoyed it - soooo much.
Sometimes I wasn't sure if I thought him worse or his ... And I loved Abigail, did I mention that?

Anyway - this book was well written and kept me glued to my reader. I simply wanted Abigail to be happy and just the way the book made me feel with Abigail and Graeme, who might have developed some redeeming qualities in the end, is a rather clear sign how completely absorbed by the book I was.

"A Perfect Gentleman" has an interesting story with some twists and turns, even though it was lacking some kind of gentleman, even the non-perfect kind for a very long time, at least in my eyes. Ah, well, I may be a bit prejudiced against "someone", so - never mind.

This is definitely one of those books that I will read again and where I will love to see the paperback on my shelf.