Meant for each other!

MEANT FOR YOU - Michelle Major

von Michelle Major

Oh my.... Seriously, you just have to love Jenny! How can one woman, even a red-headed one, create so much chaos? Well, not exactly chaos, but, you know - it is not every day that a girl ends up taking a fake fiancée to a reunion and it is not every day that the same girl ends up taking in the mean girl from, well, the past or posing as a fake fiancée -again- but when Jenny is around, everything is possible.

Of course, it doesn't help much that Owen and her chemistry are definitely something else and that he gets along that well with Cooper, Jenny's son. That should be a jackpot, shouldn't it? Yep, things could be easy -  if we weren't talking about two people who have been burnt by love before and who tend to be somewhat destructive in order to protect themselves.

Sometimes, though, it just needs another perspective or perhaps the one or the other missing detail to fully understand your past and then things might start to look much better.
Jenny and her friends as well as Owen and his family are wonderful characters and I really really enjoyed the time I spent with them. This book is well written, sweet and charming and I loved it.