Nice, sweet and infuriating

If the Duke Demands - Anna Harrington

If the Duke Demands
von Anna Harrington

I should be used to (historical romance) heroes being careless and somewhat a*holish, right? I've read so many historical romances and still some things make me furious. Soooo.....even though I really liked this book and I absolutely loved Miranda Rose and I even liked Sebastian (sometimes), I could have kicked and yelled at our beloved hero - a lot. After having dried my tears, of course. 


Actually, I guess it is not terribly bad that I reacted that way as it shows that the book didn't leave me unmoved. Quite the opposite, truth be told. 

The story itself was sweet, in some parts a bit far-fetched but it was the same for How I married a Marquess, the first book by Anna Harrington that I've read. I fell in love with the Carlisles and Anna Harrington's books there and If the Duke demands confirms this feeling. I really love those wonderful, well developed, warm characters, their enthusiasm and their love for life and those around them. 

I also loved the story with its twists and turns - and I'll never be able to read Hamlet again without missing those pirates. You know - every good story needs at least some scene with pirates in it, doesn't it?


A nice and fun read, with some tears and some ranting to boot , I really enjoyed reading this book and look forward to other stories about the Carlisles and their world.