realistic love story

Hello, Goodbye, And Everything In Between - Jennifer E. Smith

Hello, Goodbye, And Everything In Between
von Jennifer E. Smith

Bewertet mit 3 Sternen

I really liked the idea of a highschool couple, going seperate ways after their graduation, retracing the steps of their relationship. I think this is a very prominent question couples are having when going to universities in different cities. It was definetely a great idea to put this in an YA novel.
I also enjoyed them following their traces and look back at stops which meant something to him.

Unfotunately the book lost me a bit throughout the story and I never connected with the characters. Maybe one reason is that the book is playing in one night only and there is a limited chance to get to know Clare and Aidan. At some point their struggles failed to touch me or get me emotionally involved in their relationship.

I guess the ending was realistic but it felt too open for my taste and I would have liked more romance here.

The writing style is easy and quick to read and I was flything through this little book.