Sweet, funny and romantic

The Highland Duke - Amy Jarecki

The Highland Duke
von Amy Jarecki

Waking up on the battlefield in the aftermath of the desastrous  Battle of Hoord Moor, Geordie or rather George Gordon, the first Duke of Gordon does not only have to deal with a bullet in his tigh but also with the fact that he mustn't be found by the redcoats as his lands would be forfeit if he was discovered. When Akira Ayres, the nearby village's healer finds him, he gets her to help him. When they are discovered by the redcoats, a wild ride begins and a flight that'll take them high up into the highlands. This trip will change their life forever ...

Akira's life hasn't been easy up to now and she isn't very happy when circumstances force her to flee with Geordie - and with a bunch of redcoats at their heels. A bunch of very determined redcoats at that.
Akira and Geordie not only have to try to stay ahead of their pursuers but Akira also has to try to keep the severely wounded Geordie alive. Fighting together and getting to know each other, the two of them form a bond. Could there be a future for a duke and a gypsy's daughter? And, even more pressing, will they be able to stay ahead of the redcoats and thwart all their plans to capture them?

I loved the chemistry between the two main characters and I loved that Geordie is very straight forward when it comes to his feelings and that even though he is a man and acts like one, he doesn't want to take advantage of Akira but wants to do everything for her that he can do. Well, the bad part is, that sometimes that is not enough. Sometimes all the feelings and all the good intentions are not enough no matter how much it hurts to realize that.

Akira's family - well, I guess everybody needs an Uncle Bruno, right? Someone who will protect you no matter what, someone who shows you how to survive and someone to watch out for you. Alright, I loved the story and I loved that the good ones win and the bad ones, well, they don't. And it felt so good to see them lose!

This book is sweet and wonderful, romantic, funny and gripping. I really enjoyed reading it!