Unusual and gripping

A Lady's Code of Misconduct - Meredith Duran

A Lady's Code of Misconduct
von Meredith Duran

I really enjoyed reading this book with its unusual, gripping story and its amazing and interesting characters.

Crispin, our hero - is definitely not a hero, at least not a first sight. Oh, well, our heroine Jane isn't just sweet and  demure all the time either and, unfortunately, she loathes all he stands for. Well, everything he stood for, strictly speaking. Due to some unfortunate encounter with some blunt object or another, he is not the same man that he was before everything went down. Considering the fact that the two of them found themselves married, let's say, things aren't easy. Especially when Crispin tries to win back his life and to understand what drove him all the time. But maybe, maybe the thing that made him almost lose everything, including his life, will turn out to be his salvation.

Can a tragedy result in happiness?
Suffering from amnesia, Crispin has to face some very uncomfortable truths about himself and his life when he tries to get his memory back. And somehow this tragedy will turn his life for good.

Will there be a place at his side for Jane, the wife he never knew he had?  

 Well written and fast - paced, this story is interesting, unusual and - it made me furious. Thinking of girls and women like Jane, who were kept like prisoners due to their inheritance and thier relatives' fear of losing their money - ugh, just another one of those things that make me question why I end up with historical romacnes so often. I really love these stories but the lack of rights and the lack of choices those women had, make me appreciate  so much more the rights and the possibilites we have now. Still far from perfect, in constrast to the time of Jane and Crispin - well, absolutely no comparison there.

Back to our book in question - I really enjoyed reading it and I can definitely recommend it!