Harlow & Indiana (and Reese) - Brittni Vega

Harlow & Indiana (and Reese)

von Brittni Vega

New York Times-bestselling canines Harlow and Indiana, dubbed "the most adorable best friends in the world" by Buzzfeed, are back with a new addition to the family: Reese Lightning!

In the beginning, Indiana Thunderbolt learned the ropes from her big sister, Harlow. She had no idea how things worked in her new family, but like any good older sibling, Harlow explained how they celebrated holidays, took family vacations, and remembered their sister, Sage who had gone on to doggie heaven before Indiana was born. Over time, Indi started to get the hang of it all, and she found herself growing up. In Harlow & Indiana (and Reese), it's Indi's turn to be a big sister when baby Reese arrives. Reese is tinier than Harlow and Indiana could ever have imagined, and they have a lot to get used to with a new sibling in the house.

Narrated by the sassy and rabble-rousing Indiana, Harlow & Indiana (and Reese) is as adorable and charming as Harlow & Sage, filled with more jokes, more adventures, and even more sibling love than before. Richly illustrated with entirely new images of the highly photogenic pups, Harlow & Indiana (and Reese) is a new story about the furry friends that have captured hearts across the globe.

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Harlow, der Weimaraner, und Indiana, der Dackel, bekommen nach dem Tod von Dackel Sage eine neue Gefährtin: das kleine Dackelmädchen Reese. Während Harlow die Situation durch Indiana schon kennt, ist es für Indiana zunächst befremdlich ein neues, noch dazu so junges, neues Rudelmitglied zu bekommen.

Hier wird die Geschichte von Harlow und Indiana aus Indianas Sicht weitererzählt. Beide mußten von ihrer langjährigen Gefährtin Sage, der Erzählerin aus Harlow & Sage, Abschied nehmen...


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Oktober 2015
Penguin Publishing Group
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