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“Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers.”

Charles William Eliot

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Pucked - Helena Hunting

von Helena Hunting

Pucked #1.

Alex Waters is the Captain of the Chicago Hawks NHL team. Violet Hall is the stepsister of Buck Butterson who is a rookie player on the team. The two meet at one of the Hawks away games when Alex slams into the plexiglass barrier that Violet’s seated behind. Once their eyes lock on to each other, they each feel a white-hot attraction.

Driven. Verführt - K. Bromberg

Driven. Verführt
von K. Bromberg

Driven #1.

Driven opens up with Rylee’s and Colton’s first encounter backstage at a fundraiser that she is organizing and he is attending. Before the night is over Rylee finds herself rescued, kissed, insulted, pursued, tempted, coerced and ultimately obligated to a date thanks to a donation paid for by Colton Donavan. Needless to say they are off to a bumpy start.

Rapturous (Quantum Series, #4) - Marie Force

Rapturous (Quantum Series, #4)
von Marie Force

Quantum #4

While the three previous books tell the story of Flynn and Natalie, this installment features another couple, Hayden and Addison ‘Addie’. Needless to say it can be read as a standalone. In spite of that for a better understanding of these characters’ backgrounds I recommend reading the previous books as well.


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