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Siam Affairs - Thomas Einsingbach, Sirirat Wilunpan

Siam Affairs
von Thomas Einsingbach Sirirat Wilunpan

Mord, Rache und Liebes(w)irrungen in Thailand

Ich hatte mich sehr auf diesen Thriller des Autorenduos Thomas Einsingbach und Sirirat Wilunpan gefreut, da gerade Bücher mein Herz höher schlagen lassen, die an exotischen Orten spielen. In dieser Hinsicht wurde ich nicht enttäuscht – Bangkok wirkt wie ein eigener Charakter, der schöne und abstoßend hässliche Züge hat.

The Great Zoo of China - Matthew Reilly

The Great Zoo of China
von Matthew Reilly

Dragons in China

Somehow, I had expected a little more of "The Great Zoo Of China." It’s action-paced, it’s thrilling, it has dragon of all kinds, yet I can’t say it thrilled me the way Jurassic Park did. It didn’t feel like reading a book – it felt like reading a movie script. Talking with the dragon via an electronic device felt over the top.

Faithful - Alice Hoffman

von Alice Hoffman

“Love has nothing to do with time or space.” (S. 172)

Faithful is a moving novel about a young woman who nearly loses her life spirit after a car accident in which her best friend is seriously injured. Slowly but surely she finds back into life again, making friends along the way who stand by her side. She even finds love, and the final sentence gives hope for the future: “She trusts she’ll find her way.” (p. 255)