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von Catherine Ryan Howard

Catherine Ryan Howard – Rewind

Andrew, manager of Shanamore Cottages, does not trust his eyes when he watches the camera he secretly installed in the bedroom of the cottages: his only guest has just been murdered. Yet, he surely cannot call the police but has to cope with the situation. Rewind. Strange things seem to happen in the life of influencer Natalie.

Shelf Life - Livia Franchini

Shelf Life
von Livia Franchini

Livia Franchini – Shelf Life

After ten years together, Ruth finds herself suddenly alone. Neil has left and all that her life consists of now is her work as a nurse in an old people’s home and shopping groceries at the small Tesco close to her flat. How did she get here?

Campusland - Scott Johnston

von Scott Johnston

Scott Johnston – Campusland

Devon is a small New England campus where things run at their unhurried pace as they always have. Eph Russell has been teaching English literature for quite some time and also this winter’s course seems to like him and his way of addressing the 19th century classics.

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Literarische Spaziergänge

Jetzt in der Urlaubszeit frönen vermutliche viele einer Leidenschaft, der ich auch gerne nachgehe: literarische Spaziergänge. Die Wege der Figuren nachgehen, sehen, was sie gesehen haben und dort atmen, wo sie geatmet hätten. Dieses Mal hatte ich Dostojewskijs Meisterwerk „Verbrechen und Strafe“ (oder nach dem alten Titel „Schuld und Sühne“) vor... Mehr lesen