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The Singing
von Alison Croggon

Good Conclusion of the Pellinor Saga

The Singing is the fifth and last book of the Pellinor Saga.

Maerad and Cadvan arrive at the School of Innail and meet their old friends Malgorn and Silvia again. As they are staying, Innail is attacked by the dark. Meanwhile, Hem, Saliman and Soron travel north to find Hem's sister Maerad.

The Crow
von Alison Croggon

The Pellinor Saga continues more darkly with the adventures of Hem

The fourth book of the Pellinor saga concentrates on Hem, or Cai of Pellinor as his birth-name is. Hem had accompanied Salimar to Turbansk, a lively town in the south of the Seven Kingdoms. There, Hem attends the Bard school, but remains an outsider. He shows talent, but hates school, cannot concentrate and makes scant progress.

The Riddle
von Alison Croggon

Interesting continuation of the Pellinor saga

The Riddle continues the tale of Maerad of Pellinor on her quest to find the Treesong and fulfil her destiny. After their flight from Enkir, First Bard of Norloch, Cadvan and Maerad travel to the island of Thorold. Their, they are given sanctuary and a few brief weeks of respite to regather their strength, and to continue Maerad's schooling.