A lovely high-contrast novel!

Jane Eyre - Charlotte Bronte

Jane Eyre
von Charlotte Bronte

Bewertet mit 4.5 Sternen

This book is about Jane Eyre, a poor orphan girl. Her parents died when she was a little baby. Jane's uncle Mr. Reed of Gateshead Hall hence took custody of her. Until he also died. Jane now lives with her aunt and three cousins. Then her story begins ...

"Jane Eyre", a novel by Charlotte Brontë, herself tells the story straightforwardly in the first person. Sometimes she directs some details to the reader. The setting is in England with mainly fictitious place names. The sentences are very long and rich in details. Jane is educated. Education guides her through life!

The path of life takes Jane to several plots, to different people. Many beautiful landscapes are decribed and other characters are portraited by her.

Charlotte Brontë places a lot of themes in this novel like education, gender relations, morality, ethics, religion, society, class, supernatural, foreignness, contrasts (fire and ice, independency and matrimony) and of course love.

Every picture tells a story, perhaps a tale ... - even as portrait!