A moderate blast!

The Murder Exchange
von Simon Kernick

Bewertet mit 3 Sternen

Something is going on ...

Where? London. Who? John Gallan, Detective Sergeant, and Max Iversson, deal ex-mercenary ... and lots of minor characters. What about? Gallan is investigating a dead nightclub doorman poisoned by a snake venom. Iversson's deal got wrong. Now? Both are looking for answers. Is there a connection of their network?

"The murder exchange" by Simon Kernick is written in past tense in the first person. The "I" is shared by the twon main characters Gallan and Iversson. The reader gets two views of the story. Also several story lines. It is not that thrilling to me. A typical "why-who-you?" - stroy. The language is simple, sometimes colloquially and very fast. Easy to read!

The speciality in this book is the sight of the John and Max. It is like ping-pong. Not he and me, always I and I. And German(y) is often mentioned - guess what of it?