Beautiful Bastard #4.

Beautiful Secret - Christina Lauren

Beautiful Secret
von Christina Lauren

Bewertet mit 4.5 Sternen

“His was the face I saw when I closed my eyes, when I needed to feel comfort or thrill, grounding or lust. Niall Stella's face felt like HOME to me.”

Beautiful Secret is a fantastic addition to this fun, sexy series. I have grown to love these men and couldn't wait to meet the another Stella man.

We have the characters Niall Stella, Max's (from Beautiful Stranger) younger brother and Ruby Miller, an intern from Richardson-Corbett-- the company where Niall is the VP. Although they work at the same company, these two are basically strangers. Well, except for Ruby's side, because she has been crushing on him ever since forever. Niall Stella is successful, driven and focused. He is also recently divorced, that may be why he failed notice a beautiful woman staring at him. When the two of them went to New York to attend an international summit for a month, that's when Niall finally noticed her. That's also the time when their sexual connection started. However, Niall has reservations when it comes to intimacy because of his post-divorce issues.

I really enjoyed Beautiful Secret and I had big expectations for this one. It was funny, very hot and in some part awkward but in a good way.