Bossed - Sloane Howell

von Sloane Howell

Bewertet mit 2 Sternen

"Bossed" sounded like an entertaining work romance and I was looking forward to read it. Unfortunately the book couldn't live up to my expectations.

From the beginning I had a hard time getting into the story and everything felt very distant and I wasn't able to get a connection to the characters. I had hopes this would get better throughout the story but unfortunately it didn't.

The characters were totally getting on my nerves, espacially the female protagonist. She was a totally childish brat and made a drama out of every little small thing. This was seriously annoying and I couldn't stand her at all. Ethan was a very strict boss and I didn't like how he treated his employees. The changes in the characters behaviours came too quickly and Jenny and Ethan weren't really working as a couple for me either. The sexual chemistry was good but that's it.