Enjoyable love story

Coming In From the Cold (Gravity, #1) - Sarina Bowen

Coming In From the Cold (Gravity, #1)
von Sarina Bowen

Bewertet mit 3 Sternen

The book started out really nice. I liked the wintery setting as well has the situation Dane and Willow end up in.

The two had a great chemistry and I liked both but Dane had some real asshole moments which made him lose points with me. Willow was the all sweet girl but with a mind of her own. The love story came kind of quick and even forced though.

There were also some really dark and depressing moments in the book. I enjoyed it even though but I wasn't overall emotionally involved with the story and the characters. Still it was a good and enjoyable read.

The author's writiing style is easy and quick to read.