Enjoyable, pre-springtime read

Spring on the Little Cornish Isles: The Flower Farm - Phillipa Ashley

Spring on the Little Cornish Isles: The Flower Farm
von Phillipa Ashley

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“I mean it but sadly the world doesn’t owe us happiness. We have to go out and find it ...”  (original quotation pos. 2864)


Will Godrevy and his twin-sister Jessica, together with their mother Ann, are the owners of the St Saviour’s Flower Farm. Dr Gabriella Carter “Gaby” has a PhD in Poetry, but joins the flower farm but joins the flower farm on St Saviour’s island as a field worker. Feelings are sparkling between Will and Gaby, but she just needed some time for herself, just during the narcissi flower picking season and after that she will travel on, time for her to see other parts of the world. Jess and Adam are thinking about moving in together. But within one day, he leaves the island without explanations. However, there always is the flower farm and life somehow has to go on …

The story tales place on one of the Isles of Scilly, on a narcissi flower farm. The main characters are likeable, and especially the sparks that fly between Will and Gaby, are described in a funny, humorous way. Hints and twists keep the reader with the story, as we have more than one main character and each of them has own decisions to make, including personal crises. There are some interesting descriptions of planting and growing different kinds of narcissi, as well a about rowing.

This romance is also about family values, trust and friendship. Experiences in the past, lead to some misunderstandings, caused by not-outspoken words. At a certain point of the story, the circling around the same questions and misinterpretations in my opinion lead to some lengths and stop the enjoyable reading flow.

A perfect pre-springtime read in a lovely setting, perfect for an enjoyable, relaxing weekend.