Erwartungen wurden leider nicht erfüllt

Für alle Tage, die noch kommen
von Teresa Driscoll

Bewertet mit 3 Sternen

Die Rezension bezieht sich auf die englische Ausgabe.

I had high expectations when I started this book because I head only positive things about it. Unfortunately the book didn't really work for me. 

Judging from the blurb I expected the book Melissa got from her dead mother to play an important role in the book. Sadly this wasn't the case...there were only a few excerpts. The rest of the time the story was only dragging. The story was told from different perspectives what I generally like but here the one told from Melissa's father was just needless.

I couldn't connect with the characters and for me the writing was really lacking on the emotional basis. I wasn't even close to cry, everything was told in a very distant way.

In the end everything felt just forced and I wasn't very satisfied.