Old school sci-fi horror

Sleeper(s) -

von Paul Kane

Bewertet mit 4 Sternen

Action-packed, funny and weird - great!

This was a great old school horror story that was both creepy and fun. After the people in Middletown fall asleep due to some unknown virus (or whatever?!), the military bring in expert Dr. Andrew Strauss, in hopes of finding a cure for this outbreak. When Dr. Strauss, his assistant and a crew of soldiers enter the quarantined town, they find all inhabitants asleep, covered in some spiderweb-like residue which seems to ooze off their bodies like sweat. However, when Strauss takes samples and even wants to bring one of the 'sleepers' back for examination, they start to rise - and attack. Only barely manage Strauss, his assistant and a handful of soldiers to escape. That was the moment the whole story took on a very weird turn, as Strauss has a recurring dream of a sleeping woman and is convinced he'll find her here in Middletown, somehow linked to the creepy situation. What now follows is an action-packed thrill-ride with a surprising, though not completely surprising, end. I had much fun reading this mix of sci-fi horror which at first glance reminded me of 'The Andromeda Strain', the geeky comments of Dr. Strauss about books and movies fitting to their situation, and the dream-like turn of events towards the surprising conclusion. Prologue and epilogue present a clever frame for this fast and very entertaining story.