Name to a Face - Robert Goddard

Name to a Face
von Robert Goddard

Bewertet mit 4 Sternen

Tim Harding, late fourty - well-built - owner of a lanscaping business "Jardiniera", lives at the Côte d'Azur now. A wealthy friend, Barney Tozer from Penzance, also resides there and asks Tim to do him a favour: go to Cornwall, attend an auction, retrieve a ring! It's as simple as that - isn't it? The ring is a mystery and has got its own story. But which? Tim drags right into ... and reveals ...

Robert Goddard's "Name to a face" is written in third person in past tense. The language is quite simple. Lots of contrasts were putting vis-à-vis: wealth - poverty, tradition - greed, mystery - history. The reader goes on a journey to United Kingdom, France and Germany in several times.

In this book there are a few nice twists and turns, but mostly predictable, if you are in this genre!

Tense and tangled! You read ... and read ... and read!