Snowed In for Christmas -

Snowed In for Christmas
von Sarah Morgan

"She's snowed in with her family. The only problem? It's not her family." Those were the words (along with the beautifully drawn cover) that made me want to read the book. I didn't really know anything more, because I've already read a few of the author's books and was looking forward to a sweet family Christmas story. But don't be fooled, it was pure family chaos and not of the pleasant variety I was hoping for.

The basic idea of the story was sweet and would have been perfectly fine for me. However, the characters really, really made the story worse for me. Especially Nana Jean, a know-it-all and annoying old woman got on my nerves after just a few pages. When you don't have a life of your own, you interfere with someone else's - she's the perfect example of that....

I liked the Miller siblings, each had their quirks and yet were interesting in their own way. Yes, the right choice of communication doesn't seem to be easy in the Miller family. Still, I liked the trio of siblings. 

The father of the family was a classic "I don't understand and I'll stay out of it" kind of dad. That's why he didn't interest me in the story. His way of dealing with work stress is typical baby boomer behavior and mainly annoying. But that's all.

Lucy, the surprise guest, was a little too insecure for me only to firmly believe in her work again a few pages later. I could hardly muster up any interest for her either. 
It's all downhill from there. The mother of the Miller family is REALLY exhausting. In the beginning we are told that she is very intrusive and while she tries hard not to interfere in her children's lives.... But it seems that she hardly succeeds in it. Last year she did something that in my opinion is an absolute no go... hello second-hand embarrassment..

But the absolute horror was Nana Jean. I can't remember the last time I was so annoyed by a book character. She's old and emphasizes that over and over and over again. She uses it as an excuse for ANY behavior. "I'm allowed to do that I'm old." "Old people are more honest and are allowed to ask questions, they're bored." - All the time she's butting in, crossing boundaries and annoying everyone around her. This is the kind of grandmother you just DON'T invite in real life, but rather put off. As soon as her name came up towards the end, all you could do was roll your eyes. 
We get it: You're old. 

I finished reading the story, although I don't know why. I think I was hoping for something improving, which didn't come (maybe for the grandmother to sleep for once and shut her * for ten minutes). 
This book is suitable for readers who don't have a family of their own and want to know what it would be like to have an annoying mother AND grandma. Otherwise, I can't recommend this book.