Love at "second read"...

Baby Daddy - Nelle L'Amour

Baby Daddy
von Nelle L'Amour

Okay, I must admit that I read the first pages - and I just thought that I wouldn't be able to read this book because - wow, what a d*bag! I mean, this guy, seriously, arrogance personified is putting it mildly.

Soooo, the book and I, we kind of fell out and I didn't think that I'd try reading it again - and then I read a review by a friend of mine and thought that perhaps, I might just give it another chance. Yep, that was the day when I didn't put the reader down anymore.


Somehow this d*bag developed quite a number of redeeming qualities and even though there were still some moments where I was a bit mad at him I really really loved the story. 

Dee and Drake are not just hot (and they are hot together, no doubt about that!) but they are also very sweet together. To see Drake fall for Dee and, well, I loved to see his protective streak especially when it became clear that Dee needed someone at her side, and, yes, I would have fallen for him as well. Ab.So.Lu.Te.Ly.

You know those books that you read and you grin (stupidly), smile (goofily), you feel choked, you laugh out loud - and you get spitting mad? Right, this book is one of those - and I loved it.

If you mind strong language, explicit sex scenes or violence this might not be the right book for you but if you don't mind them  - go ahead, read it!