Will temptation be enough?

To Tempt a Viscount - Naomi Boom

To Tempt a Viscount
von Naomi Boom

I enjoyed reading this book and will probably read it again. It is a nice and charming story about oh-so-very-pretty-but-beastly stepsisters, insecurities, indifferent fathers and a couple of misunderstandings. A rake who turns out to be a wonderful person thus making him the love of our heroine's life but this rake doesn't wish to wed. Unfortunately a young lady has to marry - sooner rather than later.


Torn between his wish to stay independent (and unmarried) and his love for Lady Laura, Lord Farris is running out of time, especially as other men start to court Lady Laura. Laura is being pushed into a marriage of convenience by her despicable cousin and Lord Farris risks losing her.

Will he realize soon enough how he really feels about her or will he lose her? And will Laura be able to trust him and believe in his honorable intentions?

There was a lot in this book but it was rather predictable despite some twists and turns and some decisions didn't really convince me. I liked the chemistry between the hero and the heroine but, well, let's say that I thought that it was a bit strange that some actions of Lord Farris' when Lady Laura was ill, didn't lead to scandal (and a proposal), especially as he wasn't very subtle about it.  There were several of those inconsistencies and I was bit annoyed how long it took him to realize the depth of his feelings.

Nevertheless I really enjoyed reading this book and I will also look for other books by this author.