Why Mother's Rest?

Make Me - Lee Child

Make Me
von Lee Child

Bewertet mit 5 Sternen

Jack Reacher - volume 20. For me, it was the first Jack Reacher book and it was a good read. 

Author Lee Child describes how Jack Reacher arrives in Mother's Rest, a place in the middle of nowhere. He is actually on his way from Oklahoma City to Chicago but decides to get off the train at this remote railroad stop. He meets Michelle Chang who is looking for her missing colleague Keever. Soon Reacher notices that he is being followed and watched. And why is the town called Mother's Rest? Slowly but surely Reacher and Chang discover the secrets behind Keever's disappearance. 

I enjoyed reading this book. It is written in a way that makes the reader want to read on. I especially liked the style of the dialogues. 

The cover showing a railroad crossing is interesting. The title is ambiguous but intriguing. The authors name is written in orange. 

Overall, I would recommend the book. It is a suspense-packed thriller.